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Moturoa 10k - Long Course Description

*For the purpose of contact tracing please register your details online here before you come out to Rabbit Island.

Strava Route Map here

Make sure your gps watch or smartphone is recording before you approach the start area - junction of gravel roads. 
Head LEFT/West from the junction on the gravel track heading for the car park at Conifer Park.
Either leap the barrier or use the gateway into Conifer Park and keep heading straight/west across the grassy paddock heading for the far corner.
Find the wide grassy track leading west into the trees.
Photos below:

Follow the wide track, ignoring side tracks, keeping RIGHT, until you reach the water pool and the junction with Rimu Rd.
Turn RIGHT towards the ocean.
Then turn LEFT on the main coastal bike/walking/GTT track.
Photos below:

Follow the GTT around the island, keeping LEFT when you see the Ferry turnoff. Photo below:

Keep the estuary close on your right for 4km as you follow the trail around the edge of the island, ignoring any left turns inland.
Photos below:

After about 4km from the Ferry you'll reach a crossroads of new tracks in a cleared area, here you veer LEFT (the right turn is blocked with logs) and very shortly veer LEFT again at the fork (there may be a cone here) and turn LEFT again when you reach the T intersection.
Photos below:

Head straight on this track, through the open gate into the forest.
In 500m, go straight (wiggle) across big Bullivant Rd.
In another 500m the track reaches the junction with Cooper Road. Turn RIGHT here along Cooper Road.
Photos below:

Keep going for 350m until you reach a closed steel gate. There's a gap through this on the LHS. Photo below:

After the gate, keep heading straight, in the same direction, a long a wide gravel road, till you eventually reach the sealed road junction.
Here, turn sharp LEFT, back on yourself, along the seal road.
In 75m, turn LEFT into Totara Domain and then follow the road past the circular concrete toilet block back to the "start" junction.
Photos below: 

  • Manual timers - stop your watch here.
  • Strava users - run through the junction to make sure your segment is registered.
  • If you're going to carry on and run the short course, leave your Strava device running, and continue west on the road to Conifer Park.
Strava Route Map here