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Strava/RunGo Help & Tips

Firstly you need to create an account with Strava & RunGo.

You can use Strava if you have a gps watch or a smartphone, whilst RunGo only works on a smartphone. Both apps have webpage interfaces as well.

Details how to connect your: Garmin, Suunto, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Polar watch or others to Strava on THIS page (need to have logged into your new account first).

Once Strava is connected to your watch/account, you normally just carry on as before and your activities automatically upload to Strava without any user intervention. You dont need the app on your phone if you have a watch, you can get by without it and just use the webpage interface, but the app is handy.

If you haven't got a gps watch, then you need to download the Strava app onto your phone and use the record function (start/stop/save) everytime you want your activity recorded.

You will need to carry a smartphone with the RunGo app installed if you want to hear audio cues/instructions for the routes that I have uploaded. You can use headphones or the phone's loudspeaker. You can also play music and run the Strava at the same time.

Troubleshooting running long segments
If you run with a watch, the most common problem is your watch not picking up a satellite gps position accurately at the start of your activity. This is why I recommend that you have your watch recording during your warm up or journey to the start of the segment. This will give your watch the best chance to register its position. Strava will automatically correctly identify the "segment" part of the activity and separate it from the "whole" activity.

Another problem is stopping your watch too early before the segment has finished, so always leave it running and do a cool down run, before you stop recording.

If you run with your phone, both apps need to be able to "Run in the foreground" and "use the gps at all times". The common problem is the