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Mid Winter 6 Person Relay
Sunday 19th June 2016

Online Entries Now CLOSED

A 6 person relay race running alongside the Monaco Mid Winter Marathon.
9am Start with Marathon runners. Total distance 42.2km.
Early walkers, runners & relay teams estimating over 4hrs, start at 8am.

Relay leg approximate distances and change-over points are:
Leg 1:    7.5k  From the Honest Lawyer,
first doing a small loop around the Monaco Peninsula, then along the cycle trail to the car park at the end of Fittal St.
Leg 2:    6.5k  Fittal St car park to Speedway Corner, Lower Queen St.
Leg 3:    8k  Speedway Corner to Rabbit Island changing sheds & sea front.
Leg 4:    8k  Rabbit Island sea front to Speedway Corner.
Leg 5:    6.5k  Speedway corner to Fittal St.
Leg 6:    5.5k  Fittal St to finish at the Honest Lawyer (no loop around the peninsula on this leg)

Entry is free, but donations to charity are requested and can be made online or on the day.
The charities chosen are the Mental Health Foundation and Nelson/Tasman Cycle Trail Trust.

The relay is being run in conjunction with the Monaco Mid Winter Marathon being organized
by Stu Cottam. If you would like to run more than 8km, you can enter the full marathon or enter
as a 2-person relay. More details can be found on the official website.