4 Underpasses via Templemore 5k - Course Description

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A variation of the usual "4 Underpasses" course to avoid the pinch points down the stream track and at the end going through the 4th Underpass.

Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in Richmond and jog to the start area outside the pool where the path from the bike racks meets the main path.

Make make sure your watch is going before you approach the start area.

Head south to Salisbury Rd and down through the underpass.

Turn Right up onto Salisbury Rd heading towards Richmond.

Turn 2nd LEFT into Templemore.

Stay on LHS and eventually turn LEFT into Kareti Drv.

Cross the pedestrian crossing and head down the RHS towards Raewards.

Turn RIGHT into Avery Field carpark.

Join concrete path at end of carpark and follow till it finishes near Velodrome entry.

Continue towards Saxton Field along the gravel road.

Before the 2nd gate, turn RIGHT to join the concrete path up the side of the lake.

Follow the concrete path circumnavigating the lake, LEFT crossing the bridge, and LEFT back towards Harold Nelson Way, then turn RIGHT and follow the cycleway on the RHS of the road, past the cricket & soccer until the pedestrian crossing next to the playground.

Cross here, follow the path up the RHS of the playground to Main Rd Stoke.

Turn RIGHT towards Stoke, then sharp RIGHT back on yourself and down through the underpass to Bunnings.

Follow the cycle path straight through the next crossing and onto to the 3rd underpass.

Here turn sharp RIGHT up and back on yourself (watch our for cyclists zooming through here!) and head back along the coastal GTT towards Richmond.

The segment finishes at the track junction, before you descend to the 4th Underpass, so you then have a choice of passing through the underpass carefully or keep jogging along the GTT back to Richmond.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.