Stoke/Saxton 10k - Avery start - Course Description

Strava segment & leader board here.

Strava Route Map here

Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in central Richmond and jog to the entrance to Avery Field carpark, turn into the carpark and the segment starts here.

Head past the velodrome and dirt road looking out for new concrete path on RIGHT up the side of the lake.

Circumnavigate the lake all the way back round to the access road, turn RIGHT and follow cycleway through Saxton Field until the crossing at the playground.

Cross here and then follow the road/carpark around the edge of the netball courts, keeping the courts on your right.

Safely cross Saxton Rd, veer slight left to find the walkway up Orphanage Stream.

Follow this to the end and safely cross Suffolk Rd and keep going and find the continuation of the walkway on the right.

Follow this to the end, turn left into Bridgwater Ln and left into Ngawhatu Rd.

Stay on the LHS and then cross when safe to RHS near the junction with Suffolk Rd.

Turn RIGHT into Suffolk, stay on the RHS through the roundabout, then cross to LHS when safe.

Follow LHS of the Ridgeway to the roundabout with Songer St, turn LEFT, stay on LHS all the way down to Bail St, turn left and continue past the Police station.

Head down the LHS of Main Rd Stoke to the crossing at Stoke School.

Cross over to RHS and then turn RIGHT into Byron Place and through the alley, turning LEFT onto Railway Reserve.

Follow RR all the way to & safely cross Saxton Rd, straight on past Bunnings and then left to the underpass under Main Rd Stoke.

Under, left and left, and along Main Rd Stoke cycleway all the way to Raewards roundabout.

Left up Champion Rd, and past the entry into Avery Field carpark and the segment is finished.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.