Honest Lawyer "Y" Course Description

Strava segment & leader board here.

Strava Route Map here

Start your watch and jog from home to the Honest Lawyer. Increase your tempo and the segment starts as you pass the pole near the entrance to the cycleway heading North to the airport from Point Rd.

Stay left at the first "Y" junction, heading towards the Airport.

Cross the hump backed bridge - DO NOT TOUCH the bridge handrail.

Turn left and through the car park, past the "Airport Perimeter Walkway" sign onto the service road.

Pass by the first gate, through the boulders - DO NOT TOUCH the gate structure.

Head along the service road all the way to the second gate next to the parked Air New Zealand planes.

Tap the gate with your FOOT - DO NOT TOUCH the gate with your HAND!

Turn around and head back the same way, cross the bridge, back to the "Y" junction, turn sharp left.

Follow the path alongside Whakatu Drive to the Nayland Rd overpass and turn Left into Kidson Place.

Stay on the LHS pavement all the way to the 3rd lamp post and turn back here.

There's also a Chorus manhole cover and purple cross on the pavement.

Head back the same way to the "Y" junction, veering left and through to the end of the section at the pole where you started.

DO NOT TOUCH the pole.

Slow down and jog back to your start/home and stop your watch.

Be extra vigilant at road crossing points and only cross when the way is clear of traffic.

Always use a footpath when available, otherwise stay within 1m of the edge of the road.

Be respectful of other pedestrians and cyclists and leave them room to pass, especially on shared pathways.

Strava route here.