Templemore "Figure 8" 5k - Course Description

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Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in Richmond and jog to the normal start area outside the pool.

Make make sure your watch is going before you approach the start area. Head south to Salisbury Rd and down through the underpass.

Turn Right up onto Salisbury Rd heading towards Richmond.

Turn 2nd LEFT into Templemore.

Stay on LHS and eventually turn LEFT into Kareti Drv.

Cross when safe to RHS.

Turn RIGHT up Champion Rd.

Stay on RHS until closer to Hill St and then cross safely to LHS.

Turn LEFT into Hill St North.

Safely cross to RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Mako St.

Keep heading straight along Mako St.

Ignore the 2 roads on the right.

Eventually turn RIGHT at end of Mako St and follow this to Champion Rd.

Turn RIGHT, stay on RHS pavement, then safely cross to LHS pavement.

Take 2nd LEFT into Park Drive.

Stay on LHS as the road bends left, then safely cross to RHS near Cashmere Close.

Turn RIGHT at roundabout into Ridings Grove, and follow to the end and to the alleyway leading to Hill St.

Immediately safely cross Hill St at the crossing point, then head LEFT towards Richmond on the RHS pavement.

Turn RIGHT into Templemore Drive.

Stay on RHS all the way to Kareti Drive.

Turn RIGHT into Kareti, cross safely to LHS.

Turn LEFT down Champion Rd, left at the roundabout, sharp left and left down through the underpass and back through the start/finish area.

Keep jogging to make sure your segment is registered.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.

Strava route here.