Estuary 5k Course Description

Strava segment & leader board here.

Walkers segment & leader board here.

Strava Route Map here

Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in central Richmond and jog to the pool carpark and make your way to the "Welcome to Tasman" sign.

The segment starts at the "Welcome to Tasman" sign. Follow the trail under Whakatu Drive underpass.

Then sharp right towards Richmond and then RIGHT onto gravel GTT towards Mapua.

Follow GTT all the way to the Turnround next to the Vortex track where the scrub/bush finishes on the left, and there is a "Vortex" sign on the fence on the left, just before boardwalk.

Retrace your route, but finish on the pavement by picnic table under the big tree.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.