4 Underpasses Original 5k - Course Description

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Strava Route Map here

Start your run and watch from home and jog to the pool.

The segment starts by the pool and heads up the stream. Turn left into Kareti Drive. Cross Champion Rd using pedestrian crossing and head Left towards Raeward Fresh. Turn right into the long car park down the side of Avery Field & Garin College, past the velodrome, turn right up the side of the lake, cross bridge, turn left down the other side of the lake, turn right onto cycle path at the side of road and follow the cycleway all the way to the playground path, follow this gravel path to Main Rd Stoke, turn Right and then Right again to drop down into the Bunnings underpass. Follow the cycleway to the next underpass under Whakatu Drive, turn sharp Right & Right, and follow cycleway alongside Whakatu Drive to the final underpass near the pool.

The segment finishes by the Picnic table & big tree, carry on your run back to where you started from and stop your watch.