Reversed 4 Underpasses via Templemore 5k - Description

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A variation of the usual "4 Underpasses" course .

Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in Richmond and jog to the pool and safely make your way through the Whakatu Drive Underpass giving others users sufficient space. As you start climbing up the exit ramp on the other side, start picking up your tempo, the segment starts at the junction with the main GTT track.

Head North to Nelson. Turn sharp LEFT at the next junction and down through the underpass, and head in the direction of Bunnings. Go past Bunnings and drop RIGHT down into the Main Rd Stoke Underpass.

As you climb out, turn sharp LEFT back on yourself, past the bus stop, and then LEFT again into Saxton Fields, and immediately LEFT onto the path to the playground. The football pitch should be on your right.

At the playground, safely cross the service road at the crossing, and turn RIGHT. Run along the obvious wide concrete shared track towards Richmond. Cross the two side roads to the Athletics Track, keeping on the concrete shared track. Then turn LEFT at the track junction up a concrete track on the LHS of the lake. Turn RIGHT over the bridge, and RIGHT again following the concrete track down the other side of the lake.

At the abrupt end of the concrete track, turn LEFT towards Richmond, go through the wooden barrier and low gateway, following a rough 4wd track towards the velodrome. Pick up the concrete shared track on the RHS of the carpark. Stay on this track as it turns RIGHT then LEFT and goes past the toilet block at Avery Field. Head straight off the end of the concrete track into the Avery Field carpark and head straight in the direction of the Champion Rd exit. Garin College should be on your left.

At Champion Rd, turn LEFT, stay on the pavement to the pedestrian crossing outside Garin, cross over safely, and veer slight LEFT and turn RIGHT into Kareti Drive. Stay on the RHS pavement all the way, crossing side road Garin Grove, staying on the RHS pavement, curving RIGHT into Templemore Drive. Stay on the RHS crossing side road Magnolia Place, eventually reaching Salisbury Rd.

Turn RIGHT, stay on RHS, cross Holdaway Grove, and then drop RIGHT down to the underpass, turn LEFT under the road, climb out the other side, veering RIGHT and past the pool buildings, and continue in the direction of the playground. The segment finishes as you pass the side of the pool buildings.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.