Aldinga 10k - Turf start - Course Description

*note: Check tides for water level at Pool underpass!

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Start your run and watch at home or somewhere in central Stoke and jog to the Turf crossroads.

The segment starts at the Turf corner as you turn down Songer St, so make make sure your watch is going before you approach the corner.

Head down Songer St on the LHS, safely cross Nayland Rd roundabout heading towards The Honest Lawyer.

Turn first LEFT after Nayland Rd into Reeves St.

Cross to RHS and turn RIGHT into Aldinga Ave.

Cross to LHS and get on path round playing fields, turning LEFT into Tyree Dv.

Leave playing field track, cross to RHS, turn RIGHT into Bremner Cr.

Cross to LHS and follow to end.

Turn LEFT into Aldinga Ave and cross to RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Ruth Taylor Ave, eventually cross to LHS.

Turn LEFT into Curtis St, and then look out for Alleyway/red/white posts on the right. Follow cycleway.

Safely cross Nayland Rd.

Follow cycleway.

Turn RIGHT into Marlowe St.

Cross to LHS and veer left into Masefield St.

Stay on the LHS, pass Wordsworth Place, eventually finding the Alleyway and signpost on the left between houses 49&51.

Go down short alleyway and turn RIGHT onto railway reserve.

Follow RR towards Richmond, safely crossing Saxton Rd, and turning RIGHT after Bunnings towards Whakatu Drive underpass.

Go under, turn sharp RIGHT & RIGHT, back towards Richmond and along the Whakatu Drive GTT.

After a km, take the next RIGHT, dropping down through the underpass, up & across Champion Rd, past the playground and pool, and down through the Salisbury Rd underpass.

Turn sharp RIGHT & RIGHT, back towards Stoke.

Turn RIGHT up Champion Rd.

Cross to LHS when safe.

Turn LEFT into Avery Field carpark, follow cycleway past Velodrome, all the way to Saxton Field service road.


Turn RIGHT and follow cycleway all the way to the crossing by the playground.

Safely cross towards the main entrance of Saxton Stadium, diagonally across the car park, to the tunnel in the corner!

Pass through the tunnel and veer RIGHT through the gap in the fence onto the service road.

With the netball courts on your left, head up the short service road and turn RIGHT towards Saxton Field Gates.

Turn LEFT onto Saxton Road, safely cross to RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Covent Dv.

Initially stay on the RHS, then safely cross to LHS after Best Pl (on the Left). Stay on the LHS all the way to Polstead Rd.

Careful passing all the rest homes - lots of cars.

Left into Polstead Rd and safely cross to RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Main Rd Stoke.

Cross to LHS at the pedestrian crossing outside Stoke School.

Keep going to the end of the segment at The Turf corner and left into Songer St to make sure your segment is registered.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.