A-maze-in Richmond 10k - Course Description

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The segment starts at the Burger King corner at the top of Queen Street and finishes at the end of Wensley Rd.Use this segment as part of a longer run, keep your watch running as you pass through both the start and finish.

Come up to the corner from The Warehouse with your watch/phone already recording so that you don’t miss the start.

From the Burger King corner, follow the LHS of Salisbury Rd to the Talbot St traffic lights. Turn LEFT and cross when safe to RHS and then turn RIGHT down Linden Ct. At the end turn LEFT into Florence St, safely cross over and turn RIGHT into Herbert St. Cross to LHS and at the end turn LEFT into D’Arcy St.

Cross safely to RHS and continue all the way to the end and the alleyway on the left side of the Church of Christ driveway. Pop out of the alleyway onto Bird St, then turn RIGHT into Doran St. Stay on the LHS of Doran St looking for the signposted alleyway on the LEFT, 250m from the previous junction. Duck up the alleyway onto Chisnall St. Stay on RHS and turn RIGHT into Croucher St.

Safely negotiate the crossing of McGlashen Ave (there is a crossing outside the Mobility shop). You are aiming for the fountains in Sundial Square, then cross Queen St at the pedestrian crossing next to the fountains, turning Right down to Cambridge St and turn LEFT. Stay on the LHS so you can use the pedestrian crossing at the end to cross over Oxford St and continue on Cambridge St.

Then zigzag RIGHT then LEFT on Dorset St and leap the low fence into the playing field on the LEFT. Go diagonally across the field to the far corner by the Kindergarten where there is an open gate in the fencing, popping out onto Waverley St, turning RIGHT down to Gladstone Rd. Cross over safely to LHS of Waverley St and then turn LEFT into Gladstone Rd.

Stay on LHS past Richmond Holiday Park and then turn LEFT into alleyway towards Lowry St. Turn LEFT on Lowry St, safely cross to RHS and then turn RIGHT into Coleman St. At the end of Coleman St, turn LEFT through alleyway and then RIGHT onto Alfred Sheat St. Stay on RHS, then turn RIGHT down alleyway into Todd Place. Follow Todd Place and at the end safely cross Staig St and veer LEFT onto Wilde Ave. Stay on RHS and then turn RIGHT into King St. Safely cross over to LHS and head towards Gladstone Rd and turn LEFT.

Keep on the LHS heading towards Brightwater for approx. 400m till the alleyway/track on the LEFT just after the entrance to Waimea Village. Follow the gravel track all the way to St James Ave, turn LEFT, safely cross to RHS and after 130m turn RIGHT into the small reserve. Go either side of the playground to the exit on the other side. Turn LEFT into Aratia Way, then cross to RHS and turn RIGHT into Otia Drive. Then stay on RHS.

Safely cross Wensley Rd and turn RIGHT towards Brightwater, then after 30m turn LEFT up the alleyway to Calla Grove. Then veer LEFT into Fairose Drive and safely cross to large pavement on RHS. Immediately after crossing McAuley St, veer RIGHT off the pavement up the grassy bank next to a low rope barrier and veer RIGHT across the reserve keeping close to the RH boundary. You will find another track in the far right corner.

Follow this nice wide gravel track all the way to Pine Crest Drive, cross over diagonally to your LEFT to find a new concrete alley/pathway, turn RIGHT up the path that leads up to Hill St. At the top turn LEFT.

Stay on LHS along Hill St until turning LEFT into Brenda Lawson Way, through the alleyway at the bottom into Wilkinson Place, and then RIGHT and quick LEFT into Chelsea Ave. Stay on the LHS all the way down Chelsea Ave. Turn LEFT into Wensley Rd, safely cross, then turn RIGHT into main gates of the Cemetery.

Follow the service road straight to the far end and turn RIGHT with the service road eventually leading to Ben Cooper playing fields. Go diagonally across the playing fields past the fenced off area in the middle (? Cricket) veering to your LEFT to hit West Ave.

Head Left and safely cross and then turn RIGHT into Cautley St. Stay on RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Giblin St, stay on RHS till bend then safely cross to LHS and turn LEFT into West Ave.

Then turn LEFT into Wensley Rd. Stay on LHS.

Turn LEFT in to Heaphy St. Cross to RHS when safe.

Turn RIGHT into Cautley St. Stay on RHS.

Turn RIGHT into Waverley St. Safely cross to LHS.

Turning up LEFT into Wensley Rd. Follow the LHS of Wensley Rd all the way to the roundabout at Oxford St.

Crossing straight over safely into the last section of Wensley Rd.

The segment finishes near the corner with Queen St.

Keep your watch running and jog home.

Well done!