Hilly Richmond 10k - Course Description

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Start your run and watch somewhere in central Richmond or home and jog to the Antique shop roundabout on Queen St and turn into Oxford St staying on the LHS.

The segment starts shortly before Washbourn Gdns carpark.

Stay on LHS turning LEFT into Wensley Rd.

Up the hill and then LEFT into Crescent St.

Carry on up, veering slightly right along Blair Terrace.

At the top, turn RIGHT into Middlebank Drive.

Stay straight, ignoring side roads, till you join Squire Way, navigate the chicane and then turn RIGHT into Chelsea Ave.

Cross to LHS and turn LEFT at the bottom into Wensley Rd.

Stay on LHS, cross roundabout onto Paton Rd, stay on LHS till pavement finishes and then safely cross to the RHS pavement.

Follow RHS all the way to junction with White Rd.

Safely cross and turn LEFT up White Rd and onto RHS facing traffic as you climb the hill. Local residents hoon down this road!

At the top, turn LEFT into Hill St South, staying on RHS facing traffic.

Keep on going straight, ignoring side roads, until the road finally becomes a driveway, and find the hidden path on the left side.

This gravel path drops then climbs up to Hill St.

Pop out onto Hill St and turn LEFT.

Run on the RHS facing traffic.

When you reach Hart Rd, turn LEFT, and safely cross over to the RHS pavement going down Hart Rd.

Near the bottom turn RIGHT into Fairose Drv and run on the wide cycle/footpath. Follow Fairose Drv as it curves right and uphill.

At the top, just before the dead end, turn RIGHT into Jonathan Pl and then through the alleyway at the end.

Pop back out onto Hill St and turn LEFT.

Stay on the LHS until reaching the LEFT turn into the top of Washbourn Drv.

Safely cross to the RHS of Washbourne drv and stay on the RHS all the way until you reach the RIGHT turn into Farnham Drv and the final hill.

Cross safely to the LHS, climb the hill, turning LEFT at the top into Hunter Ave, and LEFT again into Queen St.

Stay on the LHS as you descend Queen St, taking care at the crossing of Washbourn Drv, turning LEFT at the roundabout into Oxford St, safely crossing the Washbourn Gdns car park, and the segment ends near Crescent St.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.