Urban Richmond 10k - Course Description

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Start your run and watch somewhere in central Richmond or home and jog to the Antique shop on Salisbury Rd.

The segment starts shortly after the Antique shop so head off in the Nelson direction on the RHS of Salisbury Rd.

Stay on RHS turning Right into William St.

Stay on RHS until Henley School crossing.

Carry on up on LHS turning Left into Gilbert St.

Stay on LHS all the way, following the right curve as the road becomes Appaloosa Ave.

Cross over Welsh Place.

At the end of Appaloosa, take the left fork into Shetland Pl which leads to a track between houses.

Follow the track straight and up and turn Right at end into Templemore.

Cross to LHS when safe and turn Left onto Hill St.

Left into Champion Rd.

Left into Salisbury.

Sharp Left & Left into Underpass.

Past the pool and cross to second underpass.

Sharp Right and along Richmond Deviation in the Richmond direction.

At the end of the cycleway, veer Right onto Beach/Stratford pavement.

Cross Lower Queen St with extreme care.

Pause your watch/phone if needed.

Continue along railway reserve on other side of Queen St.

Follow railway reserve cycleway until past SH60 underpass.

Look out on the left for the gap in the fencing and cross rough ground to reach Norman Andrews Place.

Cross Main Road Hope with extreme care.

Pause your watch/phone if needed.

Look out for the alleyway directly across from Norman Andrews Pl that leads through a reserve and out, turning Left onto Collins Rd.

Turn Right up Bateup Rd, and immediately cross when safe to LHS and turn Left into St James Ave.

Stay on LHS until Otia Drv and cross safely into Cemetery Reserve.

Follow path and turn Left through alleyway, and Right into Cautley St.

Cross to LHS and turn Left into reserve, popping out onto Staig St.

Stay on RHS, turn Right into Alfred Sheat St.

At end, turn Left into Hunt St, then Right into Bell St.

Safe crossing of Waverley St, veering Right to head up Trinity Lane towards Church.

Passing the Church on your right, head down through the carpark and safely cross Dorset St onto the RHS of Cambridge St.

Turn Right into Oxford St and immediately cross at the pedestrian crossing, then head up LHS of Oxford St.

Turn Left into Wensley Rd and slow down at Queen St. The end of the segment is half way along Wensley Rd.

Carry on jogging to your final destination and stop your watch there.