Richmond Alternate 10k - Course Description

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Start your warm up and the segment begins as you turn into Washbourn Drive from Queen Street.

Keep on LHS all the way up Washbourn Drive until you reach the raised pedestrian crossing near the top.

Cross over to RHS here when safe.

Turn Right into Chelsea Ave.

Stay on RHS all the way through the bends and down the straight until passing Squire Way.

Cross over to LHS when safe.

At junction with Wensley Rd, turn Left.

Stay on LHS until junction with Hart Rd.

Turn left and stay on LHS of Hart Rd all the way up the hill to the corner with Hill St.

Turn left into Hill St.

Cross over to RHS as soon as possible when safe.

Stay on RHS all the way to Queen St junction.

Turn Right up Queen St.

STAY ON THE RHS all the way up Queen St, round the outside of the bend as the road summits and becomes Churchill Ave.

STAY ON THE RHS on the descent of Churchill Ave all the way to Hill St.

A common mistake is to turn right into a side street, too early, thinking its Hill St.

On reaching Hill St, turn Right, keeping on RHS all the way to Angelus Ave.

Turn Right into Angelus Ave and immediately cross when safe to LHS.

Follow the LHS all the way, up and over, and down, across the roundabout until reaching Champion Rd junction.

Turn Left at Champion Rd, LHS to junction with Hill St, turn left back onto Hill St.

Stay on LHS until marked pedestrian crossing, 200m from Champion Rd. Cross to RHS at crossing when safe.

Follow RHS of Hill St, all the way to William St.

Turn Right into William St, stay on the RHS until Henley School pedestrian crossing. Cross over to LHS here when safe. Turn Left into Edward St. Continue on LHS until safe to cross to RHS. Continue on RHS to junction with Queen St.

Turn Right, stay on RHS down towards Antique Shop.

End of segment is midway between Edward St and Antique shop. Continue on your cool down all the way to the Antique shop corner.

Strava route here