Lockdown 2020 Strava Segments

Lockdown 2020 results are HERE

Link to Waimea Harriers Strava Group HERE

If you run/walk any of these segments/courses in 2021 and you find that the course has changed since 2020, please take some photos and contact me and I'll update the descriptions. Keep safe, Ian.

Below is an archive of all the segments we organised over Lockdown 2020. The segments will continue to stay on Strava, but I wont be making weekly comparisons. You can check your own times on the "All time leaderboards" for each segment to see if your times have improved and who you have to beat. There should be a link to leaderboard, route & description for each course.

Remember to run these segments as a "tempo segment" of your longer activity. For example, start from home and start your watch, jog along to the start of the segment, do not touch your watch, speed up your tempo for the segment, at the end of the segment, do not stop your watch, drop back to a jog, and run home, then stop your watch. Strava will calculate the segment time automatically. The main reason for this is we don't want people congregating at start/finish locations.

4 Underpasses via Templemore

4 Underpasses Original

Reversed 4 Underpasses via Templemore

Aldinga 10k from The Turf

Aldinga 10k from the pool

A-maze-in Richmond 10k

Hilly Richmond 10k

Urban Richmond 10k

Richmond 10k from Washbourn Dv

Stoke 10k from Stoke

Stoke 10k from Avery

Ngawhatu Explorer from Ridgeway

Ngawhatu Explorer from Saxton

Honest Lawyer "Y" Course

Honest Lawyer Peninsula Course

Templemore "Figure 8" 5k

Estuary 5k

Kingsland Explorer

GTT Whakatu Drive to Best Island Rd 7.5k

GTT Best Island Rd to Whakatu Drive 7.5k

Maple-Saxton 5k Course